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S277-41N Software ShearLab Connect

  • ASTM D3080-72
  • NF P94-071-1
  • BS 1377:7
  • NF P094-071-2

ShearLab Connect is an extension of the ShearLab Reports S277-40N software, specifically designed for automatic data control, acquisition, processing and visualization of direct/residual shear tests.
The program can be used in a very simple and intuitive way; a dedicated window allows to select the machine the user wants to work with, while a test-specific setup guides the acquisition process, including data collection parameters that best fit the specific test. All test-specific initial, intermediate and final parameters are calculated based on input of specimen information, such as sample type (cylindric or square), sample diameter or width (mm), initial height of sample (mm), initial and final wet masses (g), dried mass after oven (g), applied load (kg), grain density (kg/m3), consolidation time (min).
ShearLab Connect can be connected to one or more shearing machines, thus allowing automatic data control and acquisition during the test.
Each Sheartronic is connected via LAN or serial cable to the PC.

Displayed CHARTS (by selecting 2 of the following parameters):
- Time (s)
- Applied force (kN)
- Horizontal displacement (mm)
- Vertical displacement (mm)

PC specification:
- Operating system: Windows XP or more recent
Supplied complete with LAN cable.

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