Test Standard Category

Flexural Testing Machine 200 kN

For tests on concrete joists with maximum dimensions 150x150x600 / 750 mm, flat blocks, slabs for paving, curbs, beams for floors and for tests on all types of buildings with maximum dimensions 600 mm wide and 150 mm high.


  • High stiffness frame with minimum deflection at maximum load (0.9 mm)
  • Max. vertical daylight between upper/lower rollers: 160 mm
  • Ram travel: 110 mm, to get minimum daylight of 50 mm
  • Horizontal daylight of the testing chamber: 720 mm
  • Simple action piston with counterweights to maximize frictions
  • Power supply: 230V 1ph 50 Hz 750W
  • Dimensions: 990x970x1105 mm
  • Weight: 190...250 kg approx.
NOTE: The frame is supplied without upper/lower rollers group, tamper, base support etc. to be ordered separately (see accessories).