Matest is an Italian company founded in 1986 by the family that still run and manage operations. Right from the beginning the company rises up to the challenges of the market, quickly becoming one of the leading manufacturers of testing equipment for the construction industry.

Matest Management

The first factory is formed with a skilled operational organization developing a small production of progressive testing machines, designed and manufactured by Matest to satisfy customers’ requests.

In 1989 Matest provides equipment to major projects : the Euro tunnel construction is one of the most high profile projects.  Expertise has been the key of Matest ‘s progress towards the success of winning new contracts that led to important investments inside the organization. A new manufacturing facility is built in order to comply with a higher production demand coming from a wider network of agents and distributors located worldwide.

In 2000 the Research&Development Department is established and in 2002 a new production plant is opened. Matest moves to Treviolo (Bergamo) in a 4.000 square meters area.

Paola Maestroni joins Matest management team as Marketing Manager in 2003.

The launch of the new PC-based touch screen control unit Cyber-Plus Evolution demonstrates Matest dedication toward innovation and technology. Efforts in research have led to the development of a wide range of products, suitable for both standard testing and for research purposes.  

Matest Company

Over the years, Matest premises have been repeatedly enlarged by covering the current 8,000 square meters, in order to increase productivity and accomodate higher stock levels.

In 2012 Matest strengthens its commitment on asphalt testing equipment: it is the year of Pavetest, the division dedicated to developing innovative, dynamic testing systems for asphalt




In early 2017, Matest acquires Tecnotest.
The famous "Elephant" appreciated from the construction material industry for the quality and the stiffness of its products, become property of Matest, evidence of our willingness to guarantee continuity with its customers.


The awareness of having become a global player with a strong player with a strong brand identity has also allowed for greater product specialization. Steeltest is in fact the new brand that reflects the quality and functionality inherent in our wide range of equipment for steel testing.


Today Matest proposes more than 5,000 products, from basic equipment to the most advanced systems, in order to serve research entities and test all building industry materials.


"Why have we never stopped growing?


...Because of our ability to constantly adapt our future strategies to stay ahead of changing customer needs, new competitors and evolving technology, while remaining a family-run company focused on medium to long-term planning.”