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B041-01 Research gyratory compactor with shear stress measurement device - ASTM

( Asphalt )

  • ASTM D6925
  • AASHTO T312
  • SHRP M-002

The machine is calibrated at Matest factory and supplied with the internal angle set to 1.16 ° as requested by ASTM, AASHTO Specifications.

This model is basically structured as mod. B041 and B041EN, but, in addition, “it includes the shear stress measurement device” and therefore it is recommended for both design and research purposes.


  • The device provides the most important parameters required to determine the main properties of asphalt mixes, and to predict their suitability for practical uses.
  • Useful for research purposes and experimental studies, and increasingly being considered as a “needed accessory” in most of the worldwide markets.
  • A group of load cells (integrated into the Gyratory Compactor’s frame) measure all the involved forces acting on the specimen, which are analyzed by the software in order to calculate the
    effective shear stress value.
  • Real time visualization of the instant shear stress value along the entire compaction process.
  • Calculation of the resultant load’s eccentricity and consequently the effective tilting moment.
  • Possibility to export the results into an Excel data report, which can be easily edited by the operator.

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