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B210 KIT Stand-alone servo-pneumatic four point bending system (4PB)

( Asphalt )

  • EN 12697-26 Annex D
  • EN 12697-26 Annex B
  • AASHTO T321
  • ASTM 03
  • ASTM-D7460

The Pavetest Servo-pneumatic Four Point Bending System (4PB) is a servo-pneumatic testing machine utilizing digital control of a high performance servo valve to provide accurate loading wave shapes up to 60 Hz

The 4PB system can be operated in haversine or sinusoidal, controlled stain or sinusoidal controlled stress mode to determine the flexural stiffness/modulus and resistance to fatigue of asphalt beams of various sizes.

The machine comprises:

  • B210-01: Servo-pneumatic Four Point Bending (4PB) Device with 10 mm actuator LVDT, +/- 5 kN load cell and 2 mm On-specimen LVDT
  • B209-08: 8 Channel Control and Data Acquisition System (CDAS) and TestLab software
  • B270-12: Air Reservoir assembly with membrane dryer
Power Supply: 90-264V 50/60Hz 1ph 240W (B210 KIT)
Dimensions: 590(h) x 250(d) x 570(w) mm (B210-01) 410(h) x 250(d) x 570(w) mm (B212)
Weight: 45 kg approx. (B210-01) 35 kg approx. (B212)

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  • Outer clamp span 355.5 mm (14”) and 420 mm
  • Nominal beam size(s): 50 mm (h) x 50 mm (w) 50 mm (h) x 63.5 mm (w) 70 mm (h) x 70 mm (w) 70 mm (h) x up to 85 mm (w)


  • Capacity ± 5 kN
  • Frequency Up to 60Hz;
  • Stroke 10 mm
  • Air supply clean dry air
  • Pressure 800-900 kPa
  • Minimum rate up to 5 litres/sec


  • Range ± 1 mm
  • Resolution 0.0002 μm
  • Accuracy Better than 5 μm