Test Standard Category

C313N Temperature and humidity controlled cabinet, 535 litres

( Aggregates-Rocks Concrete )

  • EN 196-1
  • EN 1367-1
  • EN 12390-2
  • EN 12390-9

Designed for all research and control laboratories to perform: cold
and/or hot temperature measurement at controlled humidity conditions,
any kind of freezing/thawing tests and accelerated curing tests. 

Used to cure concrete (EN 12390-2) and cement specimens (EN 196-1) and analyze the behavior to freezing and thawing of aggregates (EN 1367-1) and concrete (EN 12390-9).

Polyurethane insulation: 60 mm thick.
Internal ventilation.
Door with 180° opening angle, equipped with magnetic gasket and integrated heater against freezing.
Shelves can be taken off and adjustable in height; adjustable feet.
Temperature and humidity sensors wall mounted inside cabinet
The cabinet is supplied with a two stage filter; mechanic and mixed ionic/cationic resins. It works with demineralized, softened waters, or tap water with hardness rate up to 300 ptm assuring an excellent functioning along the time.
Equipped with microprocessor temperature/humidity controller with
integrated cycles multiple segments programmer.

Power supply: 230V 50-60Hz 1ph 2570W
Internal dimensions: 590x670x1360 mm
Overall dimensions: 710x820x2080 mm 
Weight: 170 kg approx.

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  • EN 12390-2
  • EN 196-1
  • EN 1367-1
  • EN 12390-9
  • ASTM C31
  • ASTM C192
  • ASTM C684
  • AASHTO T23
  • BS 1881:112

Test in humidity and temperature controlled

  • EN 196-1
  • EN 1367-1
  • EN 12390-2
  • EN 12390-9
  • EN 1348
  • EN 12004