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S276-02M SHEARTRONIC - Automatic Shear Testing Machine

  • ASTM D3080-72
  • BS 1377:7
  • NF P94-071-1
  • AASHTO T235
  • CEN-ISO-TS 17892-10
  • NF P094-071-2

Digital Shear Testing Machine, with incorporated Data Acquisition System and Pneumatic Vertical Loading Device, Fully Automatic

Sheartronic High Performance is an advanced system specifically designed to perform consolidation, direct and residual shear stages in a fully automated way. The system is based on a pneumatic closed-loop system which along with a high-performance regulator guarantees an automatic application of a vertical load up to 6000N, thus offering the unique possibility to reduce to the absolute minimum any form of manual intervention (no need of dead weights or level arms).


  • S276-11M Shear Frame with digital touch-screen microprocessor, complete with pneumatic vertical loading device, shear box case with adaptors, transducers supports.
  • S277-20 Load Cell, electric, 3000 N capacity, complete with cable (5000N cell available on request).
  • S336-11 Linear vertical transducer, 10 mm travel.
  • S336-12 Linear horizontal transducer, 25 mm travel.
  • S277-31 Firmware activating 3 connectors for basic data acquisition.


  • Shear box, hollow punch, tamper (see accessories) and Software S277-41N are not included and have to be ordered separately.
  • The pneumatic shear machine mod. S276-02 requires an air compressed source.
  • The machine is configured to accommodate an additional piston to apply a max vertical load of 10000 N.

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50-60Hz 200W
Dimensions: 1030x400x580 mm
Weight: 100 kg approx.

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