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B029N KIT Marshall Compaction Mould, EN, Dia. 4''

( Asphalt )

  • NF P98-251-2
  • EN 12697-10
  • EN 12697-30

Inside diameter 101.6 mm (4”).
Steel manufactured, plated against corrosion.
Weight: 3.150 kg

Consisting of:

  • B030N: MOULD BODY only. Weight: 1300 g
  • B030-01N: FILLING COLLAR only (ASTM, EN, CNR). Weight: 850 g
  • B030-02N: BASEPLATE only. Weight: 1000 g

Note: French NF P98-251-12 Spec. requires the filling collar with a small different dimension, but fitting perfectly the mould body and the baseplate.

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