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B035-01N Automatic Marshall Compactor for Moulds Dia. 4'' AND 6'' mould

( Asphalt )

  • ASTM D6926
  • ASTM D5581
  • AASHTO T245

This ruggedly constructed apparatus automatically compacts the Marshall specimens 6” and 4” diameter, and stops after the preset number of blows has been completed on the separate automatic digital display counter.
The trip mechanism is structured so that the sliding hammer falls at the same height at every blow. The mould is stationary and the hammer has flat-foot.
The mould is held in position by a fast clamping device.
The unit incorporates a compaction wooden pedestal.

The drive mechanism lifts the 22.5 lbs. compaction hammer (diameter 6”), plated against corrosion, to the height of 18” and allows a free fall at 64 blows per minute.

Sliding mass for the 6” diameter specimen: 22.5 lbs. +/- 0.01 lb (10,205 kg)
Sliding mass for the 4” diameter specimen: 4.53 kg
Free fall height: 18” +/- 0.1” (457,2 mm)
Blow frequency: 64 per minute +/- 4

The unit is equipped by an inverter, allowing to adjust the blow’s frequency.
All moving parts are quickly/easily accessible for maintenance.
The compactor is supplied complete with collar to fix the mould 6” diameter, but without the compaction hammer 6” diameter (mod. B035-11N) and 4” diameter (mod. B035-12N), and the moulds, which must be ordered separately (see accessories).

The compactor cannot be sold in CE markets without safety guards (see mod. B035-03)

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50/60Hz 500W
Weight: 180 kg approx.

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