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S209 KIT CBR Machine, hand operated, laboratory model

( Soil )

  • EN 13286-47
  • ASTM D1883
  • BS 1377:4
  • AASHTO T193
  • CNR UNI 10009
  • NF P94-078

CBR loading machine, hand operated, laboratory model

Load is applied through a meckanical jack and handwheel. Upper beam can be adjusted in height.
Foreseen of fast approach device of the base plate.

The S209 KIT CBR machine comprises:
S209-01 CBR laboratory frame
S212-01 CBR penetration piston
S370-10 Load ring 50 kN capacity
S376 Dial gauge 10x0.01 mm
S212-03 Dial gauge holder S210-02 CBR Rate indicator S374 Brake Device

Dimensions: 430x380x1180 mm
Weight: 80 Kg approx

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