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B014 Continuous Flow Filterless Centrifuge

( Asphalt )

  • ASTM D1856
  • EN 12697-1

Designed for quick filterless separation of filler from binder solution or other mixtures containing sediments (cement, soil, clay), in suspension. The solution is poured into the top funnel and falls into the rotating test container diameter 70x200 mm. Because of the centrifugal effect, the liquid rises vertically leaving the filler and mineral particles inside the beaker.
The centrifuge is supplied complete with aluminium beaker, two sieves 2 mm and 0.063mm mesh respectively. The rotation speed is 11500 rpm, with automatic ramp and preset speed control.
Extraction capacity is up to 100g of filler per test.

Power supply: 230 V 1ph 50 Hz 600 W
Dimensions: 350x600x720 mm
Weight: 60 kg

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  • EN 12697-1
  • ASTM D1856
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  • Filler recovery with filterless system.
  • Continuous flow at 11500 rpm.
  • Automatic speed ramp.
  • Highest accuracy thanks to no dispersion of material.