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B085-05 BBR - Bending Beam Rheometer

( Bitumen )

  • ASTM D6648
  • AASHTO T313
  • EN 14771

Bending Beam Rheometer is engineered to perform flexural tests on asphalt binder and similar specimens. These tests consist of a constant force being applied to a specimen in a chilled bath in order to derive specific rates of deformation at various temperatures.


  • Three-point bend test apparatus
  • Integral stainless steel frictionless construction
  • Load cell 500 g with mechanical overload protection
  • Linear Variable Displacement Transducer (LVDT) 0.25 in (6,35 mm)
  • Two independent platinum RTD for precise temperature control
  • Liquid bath:
    stainless steel construction
    temperature range: -40 to 25°C
    mechanical refrigeration system
    cooling coil located within the test bath
    no pumping required. Cools Ethylene Glycol - water - methanol
    mix (recommended for safety) to -40°C.
  • Compressed air: 0.34 MPa clean, dry air supply required
  • CE certified model


  • Control, acquisition and analysis software
  • BBR Software version 4.16W
  • Computer interface card
  • Menu driven program, mouse compatible
  • Daily calibration routines
  • Displays and graphs real time load, displacement and bath temperature

The BBR System includes: complete calibration kit with carrying case, 5 specimen molds with accessories, PC, accessories.
Power supply: 230V 1ph 50/60Hz
Weight: 110 kg approx.

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Prova BBR - Bending Beam Rheometer

  • EN 14771
  • ASTM D6648
  • AASHTO T313