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S211 KIT CBR machine, 50 kN, analogue measurement

( Soil )

CBR loading machine motorized, 50 kN ASTM version - 1.27 mm/min

Load is applied through a screw jack driven by an electric motor at a costant penetration rate of 1.27 mm/min achieved by a built in gear box and assured also under load.
Upper beam an be adjusted in height.
Foreseen of fast approach device of the base plate and electric end of stroke switches of the load plate to save the machine from wrong manipulations.

The S211KIT CBR machine comprises:
S211-10 CBR motorized frame
S212-01 CBR penetration piston
S370-10 Load ring 50 kN capacity
S376 Dial gauge 10 x 0.01 mm
S212-03 Dial gauge holder

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50Hz 750W
Dimensions: 430x380x1180 mm
Weight: 98 Kg approx.

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