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  • ASTM D2435-80
  • TS 17892-5
  • XP P094-090-1

To be used with the Edotronic mod. S262
OedoLab Connect is an extension of the OedoLab Reports S262-05N software, specifically designed to guide the user through the entire consolidation test.
This software allows automatic data acquisition and to save the results in a specific file.
Thus, the file obtained can be then added to a project created with OedoLab Reports, providing the users not only with the same features given by the S262-05N but also with new ones.
OedoLab Connect can be connected to one or more pneumatic oedometers, allowing automatic data acquistion and control during the test.
Each oedometer is controlled by the PC via network connection.
OedoLab Connect provides the user with a simple and flexible graphical interface. A dedicated window allows to select the oedometer the user wants to work with.
Once a consolidation step is completed, the software automatically shifts to the next level; hence re-performing all the control and acquisition operations needed to complete the test. Furthermore, by setting test parameters which are included in the Software and dedicated to the loading sequences control (minimum speed of settlement and swelling threshold), the user is also able to program the test and save a lot of time then.

PC specification:

  • Operating system: Windows XP or more recent.
    Supplied complete with connection cable.

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