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S276 KIT SHEARLAB - Shear Testing Machine

( Terre )

  • BS 1377:7
  • NF P094-071-2
  • CEN-ISO-TS 17892-10
  • AASHTO T235
  • NF P94-071-1
  • ASTM D3080-72


Digital Shear Testing Machine, comprising:

  • S276-10: Shear Frame, with digital “Touch-Screen” microprocessor, complete with beam loading device, shear box case with adaptors, dial gauge supports.
  • S370-03S: Load Ring, 3000N capacity with electric safety stop device (load rings of different capacities up to 5000N available on request).
  • S377: Dial indicator 25mm x 0.01mm for horizontal displacement.
  • S376: Dial indicator 10mm x 0.01mm for vertical displacement.
  • S273 KIT: Set of 50 kg of slotted weights.

NOTE: Shear box, hollow punch, tamper are not included and have to be ordered separately (see accessories)


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