Test Standard Category
Abrasion, WearingASTM D3910EN 12274-5NLT 320TEST FOR MICROSURFACING
Absorption and Specific Gravity of Fine AggregatesEN 1097-6EN 12274-3TEST FOR MICROSURFACING
Ageing of Bitumen and Bituminous BindersSUPERPAVE
Amount of the most Volatile Constituents in cut-back Asphaltic ProductsAASHTO T78ASTM D402NF T66-003UNE 7072UNE 7112TEST ON BITUMEN EMULSION
Bending Beam RheometerSUPERPAVE
Breaking Value of Cationic EmulsionsEN 13075-1IP 494TEST ON BITUMEN EMULSION
Closed Cup Flash Point of Petroleum ProductsAASHTO T73ASTM D93EN 22719IP 34IP 35ISO 2719FLASH POINT
Consistency of a bituminous sample under fixed conditions of load, time and temperatureAASHTO T49ASTM D5BS 1377-2EN 1426NF T66-004PENETRATION
Cut-Back Asphaltic Materials by the Distillation TestAASHTO T59ASTM D244CNR N. 100EN 1431TEST ON BITUMEN EMULSION
Degassing Pressure aged BinderSUPERPAVE
Degree of SolubilityASTM D2042EN 12592SOLUBILITY
Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity / Viscosity of Petroleum / Viscosity Standard TarVISCOSITY
AASHTO T316AASHTO T54AASHTO T72ASTM D1665ASTM D2196ASTM D4402ASTM D88ASTM D940BS 2000CNR N. 102EN 12846-01EN 12846-02EN 13302EN 13357IP 184NF T66-005NF T66-020Viscometers
ASTM D2170ASTM D2171EN 12596Viscometer Baths
Dynamic viscosity by rotational viscometersVISCOSITY
AASHTO T316ASTM D2196ASTM D4402EN 13302Viscometers
Dynamic Viscosity of Bitumen at 60°CVISCOSITY
ASTM D2170ASTM D2171EN 12596Asphalt Institute Viscometers
ASTM D2170ASTM D2171EN 12596Cannon-Manning Viscometers
Flash and Fire Points of Lubrificated oils and Petroleum ProductsAASHTO T48ASTM D92EN 22592IP 36ISO 2592NF T60-118FLASH POINT
Fraas Breaking PointEN 12593FRAAS BREAKING POINT
Global Adhesion and the Active Adhesion between Bitumen and AggregatesEN 12272-3NF P98-274-1TEST FOR MICROSURFACING
Kinematic Viscosity of Bitumen / Distillation Residues of Opaque Liquid AsphaltVISCOSITY
AASHTO T201ASTM D2170EN 12595Cannon-Fenske Viscosimeters
AASHTO T201ASTM D2170EN 12595Zeithfuchs Cross-Arm Viscometers
Open Cup Flash PointASTM D1310ASTM D3143FLASH POINT
Particle Charge of Emulsified AsphaltASTM D244CNR N. 99EN 1430TEST ON BITUMEN EMULSION
Penetration PowerEN 12849IP 487TEST ON BITUMEN EMULSION
Rate of Spread of Coated Chippings on the Road SurfaceBS 598:108EN 12272-1TEST FOR MICROSURFACING
Resistance to Hardening. Thin Film Oven Method (TFOT)AASHTO T179AASHTO T47ASTM D1754ASTM D6BS 2000CNR N. 50EN 12607-2EN 13303NF T66-011UNE 7110ROLLING THIN FILM OVEN
Resistance to Hardering. Rolling Thin Film Method (RTFOT)AASHTO T240ASTM D2872EN 12607-1ROLLING THIN FILM OVEN
Sampling and ConditioningAASHTO T40ASTM D140CNR N. 81CNR N. 98EN 58SPECIMEN PREPARATION
Settling TendencyEN 12847IP 485TEST ON BITUMEN EMULSION
Softening Point of Bituminous MaterialAASHTO T53ASTM D36BS 2000CNR N. 35DIN 1996-15DIN 52011EN 1427EN 1871UNE 7111UNI 4161SOFTENING POINT
Storage Stability of Emulsions by DecantationNF T66-022TEST ON BITUMEN EMULSION
Viscoelastic Behavior of Bituminous BindersSUPERPAVE
AASHTO M320-10AASHTO M332-14AASHTO T315-12AASHTO T350-14ASTM D4402ASTM D7175-08ASTM D7405-10aEN 14770DSR
Volatile Flammable FlashingAPI 509ASTM D56FLASH POINT
Water in Petroleum Products or Bituminous MaterialsAASHTO T55ASTM D244ASTM D95CNR N. 101IP 74-77NLT 123TEST ON BITUMEN EMULSION

B066M KIT Rolling Thin Film Oven, High Performance

( Bitumen )

  • EN 12607-1

New model with enhanced performance and reliable technology needed to study the aging phenomena on traditional and innovative bituminous binders.
The frame and the internal chamber are made of high quality stainless steel with a large door to detect the test room.
This new version is totally controlled by 7’’ digital touch-screen panel in terms of test temperatures, start and stop carriage rotation and ventilation system.
Also, when the test starts, the internal room temperature, the air flow and the carriage speed (15 rpm ± 0.2) are shown in real time on the digital display.
Supplied complete with digital flow meter, precision digital thermostat to maintain 163 °C temperature, control thermometer ASTM 13C, ventilation device, eight glass containers Ø 64x140 mm. The unit includes a dual safety
thermostat to prevent overheating.

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50Hz 1700W
Dimensions: 620x620x910 mm
Weight: 55 kg approx.

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Resistance to Hardering. Rolling Thin Film Method (RTFOT)

  • EN 12607-1
  • ASTM D2872
  • AASHTO T240
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