Test Standard Category

C377 Micro-coring equipment

( Concrete Aggregates-Rocks )

  • UNI 10766

Extract a micro-core samples from a rock is an extremely valid non-destructive method, as it allows analysis and accurate evaluations (compression resistance, ecc.) without causing any damages, considering the dimension of the hole that can be eventually clogged with mortar.
Micro-coring system is ulteriorly valid and reliable if combined with ultrasonic tester and concrete hammer.
Micro-core extraction is easy, correct and requires the presence of one operator only.

The equipment comprises:

  • Suitable electric drill. 230V 1F 50Hz
  • Flanged guide assembly
  • Drilling mask
  • Impregnated diamond bit for cores with Ø 28 x 100 mm
  • Impregnated diamond bit for cores with Ø 28 x 200 mm
  • 2 Self-blocking pincers to fit the flanged guide assembly to the surface
  • Set of accessories comprising: anchors, bits, wrenches, screws.
  • Carrying case.

    Dimensions: 550x400x200 mm approx.
    Weight: 10 Kg. approx.

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