Test Standard Category

E103 Three gang verified mould

( Cement-Mortar )

  • EN 196-1
  • EN ISO 679

Three gang verified moulf for 40.1x40x160 mm prisms.

Identical in shape to model E102, but manufactured from heavy duty steel with hardness of inside walls over HV 500 (EN196/1 Specifications recommend hardness HV 400). This high hardness value keeps the mould within the tolerances requested by Spec. for many tests, granting very long utilisation life. 

All parts are marked with an identification number for a correct assembling. Each mould is individually verified in the dimensional tolerances, hardness, squareness, flatness and roughness with instruments periodically certified by Namas Centre or equivalent. A part-number is engraved on each mould, and a Certificate of Conformity is supplied along with.

Weight: 8560 g.

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