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E142 Digital pull-off strength tester

( Concrete Cement-Mortar )

  • EN 1542
  • EN 1348
  • EN 1015-12
  • EN 13687-2
  • EN 13963
  • EN 14496
  • NF P18-858
  • BS 1881:207
  • ISO 4624

This dynamometer measures the adhesive force and the tensile strength of two layers of materials (concrete, facing plasters, mortars, building plasters, lime etc.) and is particularly suitable for applications concerning testing repairs of any structure where the bond strength between two layers is an essential factor.
Compact, light and suitable for use in any location, this Pull-Off Tester is fitted with a load cell and high resolution large digital display unit; it is therefore suitable for measurements from low loads up to 16 kN, granting a wide working range and ideal for a large number of applications and materials. The direct tensile force is applied by rotating the hand wheel.
The three feet of the unit can be fixed in the large position (overall dimensions 176 mm diameter) with very stable bearing, or in the compact position (overall dimensions 92.5mm diameter), to perform tests in narrow spaces, or for specimens close one to the other.


  • Load capacity: 16 kN
  • Resolution: 10 N
  • Working range: 0.25 to 16 kN
  • Accuracy and repeatability: better than +/- 1%
  • Complete with traceable calibration certificate
  • Battery operated
  • Serial port for PC connection
  • Hand wheel rounds: 60 with mechanical round/counter
  • Graphic indication of the applied load rate
  • Seat ball assuring axial/central load application

Supplied complete with carrying case, but without accessories to perform the test, which have to be ordered separately.
To perform the test a common electric drill is required.

Dimensions: 410x210x270 mm
Weight: 5.5 kg approx.

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