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S051-01 Mackintosh prospecting kit

( Soil )

This equipment, manufactured by Matest, is particularly useful for initial site investigation work in remote areas. The kit is capable boring to a depth 10 - 12 mtrs depending on ground conditions.
The use of specially designed extension rod couplers reduces borehole friction to a minimum, permitting easy operation to considerable depth.

Equipment consists of:

  • 12 boring rods 1 mtr long with 12 couplers
  • 2 pipe wrench and 1 tap wrench
  • Core tube adaptor and clay core tube
  • Driving head and clearing rod
  • Long and short driving point
  • Auger tool and standard core tube
  • Lifting/driving tool and hammer
  • Die nut and hand tap

All equipment supplied in a strong wooden box

Dimensions: 1050x260x120 mm
Weight: 35 kg approx.

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  • ASTM D420
  • ASTM D1452
  • AASHTO T86