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S303 CDAS - Control and Data Acquisition System

Pavetest's compact Control and Data Acquisition System can provide an optimized solution for the TriaxLab Automated and Cyclic Systems. The CDAS works with close synchronization to the TestLab software providing dynamic and precise servo control of the TriaxLab frame, Pressurematic systems. Acquisition and control is provided for:

  • Vertical load and displacement
  • Confining and back pressure (through the solenoid valve)
  • Volume change and water pressures
  • Local strain

Power supply: 90-264V 50-60Hz 1pPh 240W
Dimensions: 100 (h) x 310 (d) x 250 (w) mm
Weight: 2 kg approx.

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  • Directly communicates with the TestLab software, providing automatic test execution and data processing
  • Compact high reliability data acquisition and control
  • Up to 5 kHz data acquisition and feedback control provides excellent waveform fidelity
  • Normalized (+/- 10V) analog data acquisition inputs provide flexibility to use any transducer in any channel
  • Software and test methods expandable for future requirements
160 Channels CDAS
Acquisition 16 CH, 20 bit resolution
  • Sampling rate up to 192 kHz (all channels)
  • Smoothing up to 64 times over-sampling for low noise performance
  • Calibration automatically on power up
  • Control Axis 4
  • Communication USB or Ethernet
Application for complete and remote control of CDAS