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S303 CDAS - Control and Data Acquisition System

Pavetest’s compact Control and Data Acquisition System (CDAS) delivers unparalleled performance, real time control and ultimate versatility in acquisition and provide a flexible and user friendly testing solution.
It provides excellent waveform fidelity from integrated acquisition and control functions, with low level sampling at speeds of up to 192.000 samples per second simultaneously on all channels and 20 bit resolution over the full dynamic input signal range.

This is an optimized solution for the TriaxLab Automated Systems. The CDAS works with close synchronization to the TestLab software providing dynamic and precise servo control of the TriaxLab frame, Pressurematic systems. Acquisition and control is provided for:

  • Vertical load and displacement
  • Confining and back pressure (through the solenoid valve)
  • Volume change and water pressures
  • Local strain

Power supply: 90-264V 50-60Hz 1pPh 240W
Dimensions: 100 (h) x 310 (d) x 250 (w) mm
Weight: 2 kg approx.

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CONTROL - High speed, (18 bit) digital servo-control, up to 4 axis. - Digital closed loop update sampling rate of 2.5 kHz. - Computer programmable, Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) control algorithm. - Adaptive Level Control (ALC) algorithm for best dynamic peak accuracy. - 3 feedback control modes. E g. force, position and on-specimen strain. - “Bumpless transfer” between control modes. ACQUISITION: - Analog inputs are automatically calibrated on power up. - Simultaneous sampling of all channels. - 16 Analog (± 10 Volt) input channels. - Up to 64 times over sampling (set to 8 by default). - 20 bit digital resolution (approx. 1/1.000.000), no auto ranging required. - Sampling rate up to 192.000 samples/see.