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B010T Centrifuge extractor explosion proof, 1500g

( Asphalt )

  • EN 12697-1
  • ASTM D2172
  • AASHTO T164A
  • CNR N. 38

This instrument uses non-flammable trichloroethylene for the cold extraction of bitumen so that its percentage can be calculated.
It consists of a rotating bowl protected by a removable cover, a steel structure and a variable-speed driving unit (electric induction motor, 3000 rpm). Capacity of bowl: 1500 g of mixture. The centrifuge’s electronic control unit, which has an automatic braking system, is housed in a separate case and safety device.
The motor is flameproof.
Supplied complete with bowl, cover and 100 filter papers.

Power supply: 220V, 50-60Hz, 1pH, 400W
Dimensions: 450x410x590(h) mm
Weight: 50 kg approx.

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