Technical Support

Global Service

Matest brand's global presence encompasses all sectors of material testing, as witnessed by its widespread network of distributors and agents, ready to satisfy the requirements of every kind of customer on every continent. Providing support and technical assistance throughout all the phases of the relationship with our customers is our competitive advantage.

Commissioning, maintenance and repair operation

Matest products can be installed and powered up by our technicians/distributors upon request to Matest Export Sales Department before placing the order.

Maintenance and fixing services can be carry out at our plant or at customer facility if the request is approved by Matest Export Sales Department.

Fill in the Service form to request the service you need.

Return of goods

Before sending your products back, ask for the Return to Vendor’s Number (RTV) to Matest Export Sales Department. Any return must be approved prior shipping: goods received without permission will be returned to the customer.

Spare Parts

Matest customers can count on a complete, well-organized, and available stock of original spare parts. Supplied with 48 hours. Spare parts and accessories are kept for 10 years on all major products. Submit the Service form to ask for spare parts availability and quotation.