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B025N Mixer 10 litres

( Asphalt )

B025N is a table-mounted unit with a capacity of 10 litres, characterized by a robust construction with stainless-steel bowl and whisk. The planetary mixer is equipped with safety switches that automatically stop mixing if the grid is lifted by the user. Beaters and electric heaters must be ordered separately.

B025N is provided with a variable speed drive allowing to set a wide range of speeds:

  • 8 positions 50 to 150 rpm for the planetary action
  • 10 positions 115 to 400 rpm for the revolving action

Three models are available as follows:

  • B025N: Power supply: 220V 1ph 50hz 370 W; dimensions: 570X340X585 mm; weight: 42 kg approx.
  • B025NX: Identical to mod. B025N but with power supply: 220V 1ph 60Hz
  • B025NY:Identical to mod. B025N but with power supply: 110V 1ph 60Hz


  • B025-15N: hook beater
  • B025-12N: beater, aluminium
  • B025-05N: isomantle heater (230 V 1ph 50-60 Hz 1000 W)

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