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B038 UNITRACKER - Single wheel tracking apparatus

( Asphalt )

  • EN 12697-22
  • BS 598:110

This machine is used in laboratory for evaluating the deformation (rut) depth of a bituminous mixture subjected to cycles of passes of a loaded rubber wheel under constant and controlled temperature conditions.
To perform the test, a wheel tracking apparatus is used to simulate the effect of traffic and to measure the deformation susceptibility of the bituminous sample.
Matest wheel tracker performs the test as per procedures A and B (6 or 2 tests), clearly specified by the EN Standard.


  • Accepts mould up to 500x400 mm, 180 mm high.
  • Perfectly fit for slabs made by Matest ARC Asphalt Roller Compactor.
  • Continuous realtime rut depth measurement.
  • Three temperature probes for temperature control and adjustement.
  • Automatic control of machine and test.
  • Realtime display of: number of cycles, rut depth, temperatures.
  • Realtime cycle rate also displayed when using a serial connection to PC.

Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz 1ph 2200W
Power rating of the table: 500 W
Dimensions: 1580x650 x1790 mm
Weight: 400 kg approx.

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Rutting and Moisture Sensitivity

  • EN 12697-22
  • BS 598:110
  • NF P98-251-1
  • NF P98-251-4
  • AASHTO T324
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  • Travel of the table: 230 ± 5 mm
  • Table cycle frequency: adjustable 15 to 40 cycles per minute.
  • Hard rubber tyred wheel having outside diameter 200 mm
  • Wheel load on the sample:
    700N ±10N (EN 12697-22) or 520N (BS 598:110) The load is applied on the sample through a lever. The effective load applied on the sample can be adjusted by micrometrical weights positioning.
  • Continuous real time rut depth measurement (penetration of the wheel into the sample) through a linear transducer 40 mm travel by 0.01 mm accuracy.
  • The test frame is made of robust aluminium alloy and it is contained in a climatic cabinet with adjustable temperature from
    30 to 65 °C ± 1.0 °C. The cabinet is equipped with two doors with insulated glass for inspection.
  • The sample table has dimensions: 400x390 mm and can accept rectangular slabs of several sizes:
    305x305 mm, 50 or 100 mm high
    400x305 mm, 50 or 100 mm high
    200 mm dia. core samples, 50 mm high
    The sample confinement frames are not included and have to be ordered separately (see accessories)
  • Matest wheel tracker accepts also samples with dimensions up to 500x400 mm, 180 mm high (this mould can be compacted with Matest ARC: Asphalt Roller Compactor)
  • The machine is supplied complete with adaptors for a correct mould positioning and locking
  • The wheel tracker is equipped with 3 temperature probes:
    1 probe, connected to the thermoregulator, for the control and
    adjustment of the cabinet temperature.
    2 probes for temperature measurement inside the specimen.