Test Standard Category

B040-20 Automated Core Drill (ACD)

( Asphalt )

Matest has developed an Automated Core Drill (ACD) for fast, accurate cutting of cores from cylinders, prisms and slabs prepared using Matest's range of asphalt compaction machines. 

  • Three selectable drill speeds
  • Clear protective/splash screen conforming to CE standards.
  • Ideal for coring prismatic specimens compacted in Asphalt Shear-box Compactor (ASC).
  • Suitable to core cylindrical specimens compacted in Gyratory compactor(s).
  • Includes water container/tray.
  • Adjustable specimen clamp eliminates specimen movement during coring.
  • Three position fixture provides easy and accurate specimen positioning.
  • Three core supports at fixed spacing yields two or three cores from one prism.
  • Optional cylindrical specimen jig.

The ACD can be used for obtaining cores of 12mm, 25mm, 38 mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100 mm and 150 mm diameter from Asphalt Shear-Box Compactor (ASC) prisms, Asphalt roller compactor (ARC) slabs and GYROTRONIC gyratory compactor or other SGC specimens (using the optional cylindrical specimen jig).

The ACD enables coring of up to 400 mm tall specimens by the use of a three position sliding fixture which provides easy and accurate specimen positioning.

An adjustable clamping mechanism holds the specimen securely to eliminate sample movement during coring. Three core supports at fixed spacing yields two (150 mm) or three (100 mm) cores from one prism without the need for measurement. The ACD utilizes a high performance motor, with three user selectable speed settings to ensure precise coring performance and reliability. The clear protective covers provides uninterrupted viewing of the drilling process whilst adhering to the CE safety directive.

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