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B110 No Nuclear Density Gauge

( Asphalt )

  • AASHTO T343
  • ASTM D7113

No Nuke density gauge represents a non-nuclear alternative for determining accurate percentage compactions on asphalt pavements where, in some cases, nuclear technology cannot be used. Using this device, from 12 mm to 125 mm of asphalt pavement can be tested, thus controlling a wide range of measurements.
It has warning provision for influences of moisture presence auto surface-roughness correction and gauge system checks. This way, potential environmental factors that might affect the gauge readings during on-site testing can actually be prevented.
The device is based on a large backlit LCD screen and has an easy-to-use alphanumeric keypad that allows fast data entry.
At the end of test, the project test results can be downloaded via Bluetooth or an USB connection. Rechargeable NiMh batteries guarantee power for up to 40 hours of non-stop operation. Provided with case, charger and USB flash drive.

Main features:

  • Precise density and percent compaction results.
  • Automatic correction for surface roughness effect.
  • Project and special calibration storage for up to 25 mixes with GPS location.
  • GPS for location data.
  • Calibration routines for the best accuracy.
  • Average of 5 readings to ensure highest degree of accuracy.
  • Free Android application for report generation.

Dimensions: 460x356x(h)280 mm
Weight: 9 kg approx.

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Field Density Real

  • LCD display: 4 x 20 character LCD with backlight
  • File storage: 2 GB of storage
  • Units: Density (g/cm³, kg/m³, lb/ft³), Temp (°C, °F), Aggregate Size (mm, in)
  • Depth Correction: Multi levels measurement systems to provide deep densities and % compactions
  • Power: 6 AA Rechargeable NiMetal Hybride
  • Battery Life: 20-40 Hours, Depending on Usage
  • Displayed Parameters: Density, % Compaction, Surface Temperature and Project ID
  • Measurement Area: 13” diameter Sensor Size
  • Depth of Measurement: 12 mm (0.5”) to 125 mm (5”)
  • Quick Count Button: Button on Handle