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B225 STS-25 Static testing system

( Asphalt )

  • AASHTO TP10-1993
  • AASHTO T 314-12
  • ASTM D7313 – 07a
  • AASHTO TP105-13
  • AASHTO TP124
  • ASTM D8044
  • TxDOT_Tex-248-F
  • ASTM WK26816

The most versatile testing machine in the market

The Pavetest 25kN Static Testing System (STS-25) is an electro-mechanical servo-controlled testing machine utilizing digital control of a high performance electro-mechanical actuator to provide accurate loading rates up to 50mm/minute, designed to perform a range of static tests, including: Overlay, SCB, DCT, TSRST and DT.T.
The STS-25 is underpinned by Pavetest’s leading edge CDAS digital controller, TestLab software and a full complement of accessories hardware and software in perfect unison.

The machine includes:

  • Rigid two column load frame
  • 25 kN electro-mechanical actuator (30 mm stroke)
  • 8 channel Control and Data Acquisition System (CDAS) &
  • TestLab software
  • Load cell (± 30 kN)
  • 30 mm actuator LVDT

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  • Compact, fully self-contained, precision engineered unit.
  • Precision electro-mechanical actuator (silent operation).
  • Suitable for a range of testing protocols.
  • A range of two piece climatic chambers.
  • Operator can monitor, set and “Auto tune” the temperature controller via the PC.
  • Optional swivel stand allows the unit to be oriented vertically or horizontally.
  • Electro-mecanical unit: the machine applies constant rate of loading to a specimen that is placed in the load frame.
  • The system comprises a load frame, with a load cell, integral displacement transducer, insulate cabinet, CDAS. The insulated chamber with small glass door reduces heat loss whilst providing uninterrupted view of the specimen.
  • Versatile: an optional swivel stand allows the unit to be oriented vertically or horizontally; to suit the application.
  • Portable temperature control unit: we offer three models of temperature control unit with different temperature ranges, to cover a number of international testing standards. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
  • Load capacity: Up to 25 kN
  • Actuator stroke: 30 mm
  • Testing space: 400 mm
  • Loading rate: 0.3 mm/min. to 50 mm/min.
  • Temperature range: 10 to 60 °C (thermoelectric unit) / -20 to 80 °C or -40 to 80 °C (refrigeration unit)
  • Mains power: 230V 50-60 Hz 1 ph (B225) 230V 50-60 Hz 1 ph (thermoelectric unit) 230V 50 Hz 1 ph (refrigeration unit)
  • H009-01EN: PC 22" with LCD screen
  • B250-07 KIT: Temperature measuring KIT
  • B225-04: Swivel stand (only for B225-01)