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H009N Software for Universal Machines

  • EN 10002-1
  • ISO 527
  • ISO 178
  • ISO 604
  • ISO 898-1
  • ISO 3506-1
  • ISO 10113
  • ISO 12275
  • ASTM A370

This Software, that has been developed following the UTM2, has been developed on the base of Microsoft windows operating system.
This interactive Software is the ideal solution for an effective and complete management of the material testing.
It is composed by many test procedures in conformity with the International Standards for metal, plastic, cement, wood and composed materials.

The conception of this software supports a wide range of calculation needs and tensile, compression, flexure test profiles.
The user can realise new personalised test profiles: definition of the test data as the date of the test, the certificate number, lot of material delivered, the origin of the specimen, the test temperature and definition of the specific dates of the specimen as type, dimensions measuring unit etc.

The user can select and set the calculation corresponding to the activated standard. As an example for the Standard EN 10002/1 he can select the initial length, the initial section of the specimen, the calculation of the maximum load, the unit load, the elastic limits (ReH, ReL, Rp%), the restriction, the Young’s Modulus. etc.
For some calculations the end user can set the test execution parameters corresponding to the calculation algorithms as an example for the deviation of the Rp proportionality he can introduce the percentage %.

The software allows a speedy and easy management of all the machine parameters as the management of the load acquisition by means of a load cell, the specimen deformations by means of an extensometer and the crossbar displacement. For each one of the analogical channels the user can set the calibration and visualisation measuring unit, the limits of use: alarm, value of starting of the test calculation.
The test setting happens by dividing the process in different phases or speed charts, for each one of these charts the user can set the required kind of control (pace rate, load/time, deformation/time), the tare and the zero option, the limits and the phase or speed changes.
The end of test mode or the breaking limit can also be selected.
The software allows personalising and setting the visualising parameters of the test graph as the colour, the title of the Cartesian axis, the colours of the load/deformation limits and the certificate parameters as titles, margins.
At the end of the test, the user can decide if the selected calculations must be effected and/or if he wants to save the test in the file. In any moment all the tests made are available to make an analysis of the results or to print their certificate.
Graphic analysis of the test can be made by means of the zoom function.

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