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H060N Pendulum impact charpy tester

( Steel )

  • ASTM E23
  • UNI 4431
  • UNI 4714
  • BS 131
  • EURONORM 7-55
  • EN ISO 148-1
  • ISO TC/7


The tester is equipped with a falling pendulum hammer, able to break, with a single blow, a sample carved in the middle and positioned on two supports.
The test is carried out on a CHARPY sample in order to check the energy absorbed during the impact, which is measured in JOULE.
The value stands for the impact strenght of the material (resilience).

  • Cast iron frame
  • Pendulum with hardened knife
  • Brake device to stop the pendulum
  • Impact energy 300J with 2J graduation
  • Falling angle: 140°, Pendulum mass kg 21.3
  • Impact speed: 5.187 m/s

Supplied complete with knife-edge to perform the test as per ASTM Standard
It cannot be sold in CE markets

Dimensions: 500x1000x1820 mm
Weight: 400 kg approx

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  • EN 10045-1
  • EN ISO 148-1
  • ASTM E23
  • BS 131
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