Test Standard Category

S051 Dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP)

( Soil )

  • ASTM D 6951-03

Dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) TRL = TRANSPORT RESEARCH LABORATORY, UK.

This portable hand operated equipment is designed to obtain a direct and rapid in-situ evaluation of the structural strength of road pavement layers constructed with unbound materials.
The DPC Penetrometer results can be compared and interpreted with CBR (California Bearing Ratio) as per sperimental Kleyn 1982 studies.
The test is performed with continuous penetrations at approx. 800 mm depth with max. depth of 2 m by using extension rods.

The equipment consists of:

  • Drop sliding hammer 8 kg weight, falling height of 575 mm
  • Impact anvil with driving rod
  • Penetration rod with conical 60° point and Ø 20 mm.
  • Bar wrench, spanners, accessories.

Dimensions (in case): 1210x340x190 mm approx.
Weight: 29 kg approx.

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