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S159 KIT Basic sand equivalent test set - ASTM

( Soil )

  • ASTM D2419
  • AASHTO T176

This sand equivalent test set comprises the same items of mod. S159-01 KIT, but it complies with ASTM D2419 and AASHTO T176 standards.

The set comprises:

  • S158-01N Plexiglass measuring cylinder graduated at 100 and 380 mm, with transparent adhesive label, graduated in mm and inch (4 pieces)
  • S158-02 Rubber stopper for cylinder (2 pieces)
  • V176-02 Graduated rule 500 mm, stainless steel
  • V136-01 Funnel, wide mouth
  • S158-04N Measuring can 85 ml capacity
  • V121 Plastic bottle 5 litre capacity
  • S158-06 Irrigator tube with stopcock and syphon assembly
  • S158-07N Weighted foot assembly for sand level
  • S158-09 Concentrated stock solution, 1000 ml

Total weight: 5kg approx.

NOTE: Each item can be ordered separately.

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