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S278 SHEARMEC - Electromechanical Shear Testing Machine

( Soil )

  • BS 1377:7
  • NF P94-071-1
  • NF P094-071-2
  • ASTM D3080-11
  • AASHTO T236
  • UNI EN ISO 17892-10

Shearmec is an advanced system specifically designed to perform consolidation, direct and residual shear stages in a fully automated way. The system is based on a electromechanical system which along with a high-performance regulator guarantees an automatic application of a vertical load up to 10 kN, thus offering the unique possibility to reduce to the absolute minimum any form of manual intervention (no need of dead weights or level arms).

  • Maximum horizontal force: up to 5 kN
  • Maximum travel: 20 mm
  • Shear speed: 0.00001 to 15.0000 mm/min
  • Maximum vertical load: up to 10 kN

Shearmec system includes:

  • S277-21 Load Cell, electric, 5 kN capacity
  • S277-22 Load Cell, electric, 10 kN capacity
  • S336-11 Linear vertical transducer, 10 mm travel.
  • S336-12 Linear horizontal transducer, 25 mm travel.
  • S277-31.Firmware activating 4 connectors for basic data acquisition.

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50-60Hz 200W
Dimensions: 1030x400x580 mm
Weight: 100 kg approx.

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