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S279 Electromechanical shear machine for large-sized samples

( Soil )

  • ASTM D3080
  • BS 1377:7

For samples with coarse or medium grain soils, such as gravel, it is necessary to considerably increase sample dimensions, so the size of the shear box must also be increased in order to accommodate samples having larger diameter particles, thereby obtaining shear strength for the whole sample and not only for the single particles. In addition to this application, this machine is also designed to perform tests on geosynthetic materials.
The shear box is similar to the one used for the standard test but of greater dimensions up to 300x300 mm and it is supplied complete with containment plates, it is made completely of stainless steel to prevent the risks of corrosion.
Shear force and vertical pressure are applied by two 100 kN electromechanical actuators each having 150 mm and 75 mm travel respectively.

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  • Load application system via electromechanical actuators
  • Configurable for both soil tests and geosynthetic materials
  • Maximum vertical load 110 kN
  • Maximum horizontal load 100 kN
  • Specimen insertion system facilitated via an upper tilting plate
  • Self-locking upper plate joint
  • Shear box and related components totally in stainless steel
  • Liquid collection containers on the work top
  • Test fully configurable from 7-inch display
  • Data storage on USB key
  • PC software available for remote control of the machine with data and results management