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S301M Triaxial load frame 50kN

( Soil )

  • BS 1377:8
  • NF P94-070
  • NF P94-074
  • ASTM D7181-11
  • TS 17892-8
  • TS 17892-9
  • ASTM D2850-23
  • ASTM D4767-11
  • ASTM D7181-20
  • UNI EN ISO 17892-8
  • UNI EN ISO 17892-9

This versatile, compact, heavy-duty load frame has been designed for routine tests, for central laboratories, but also for research purposes.
The frame is of rigid chromed steel twin-column construction.
The electronic colour digital touch-screen display with a microprocessor control system allows to perform tests within a speed range of 0.00001 to 12 mm/min.
The maximum load capacity is 50 kN, and it is suitable either for cells S305 (max. specimen size 70x140 mm) and S306N (max. specimen size 100x200 mm), Matest or other manufacturers made. The load plate is foreseen of the electric end of stroke, to save the machine from wrong manipulations.

The frame is supplied with loading ram and sphere but without load rings, dial gauges, electric load cells or displacement transducers that must be ordered separately.

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50-60Hz 600W
Dimensions: 490x510xh1800 mm
Weight: 115 kg approx.


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Triaxial test

  • NF P94-070
  • NF P94-074
  • ASTM D2850-03a
  • ASTM D4767-95
  • ASTM D7181-11
  • BS 1377:8
  • CEN-ISO-TS 17892-8
  • CEN-ISO-TS 17892-9
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  • Electronic control unit “Cyber-plus Progress” with a Touch-Screen display, that runs like a standard PC based on the Windows operating system for the management of the data. (Analysis of the data, test results, and graphs with S335-10N software; optional accessory).

  • The Touch-Screen icon interface allows an easy set-up of the parameters and immediate execution of the test.

  • The machine can perform the tests without any external PC because the “Cyber-Plus” grants performances like a PC.

  • Direct connection to Intranet (connection to a LAN network) and Internet to establish a remote communication and receive an immediate diagnosis from Matest technicians, or for upgrades of the Firmware.

  • Unlimited memory storage with 2 USB ports, and 1 SD card.

  • Possibility to select different languages.

  • The machine is equipped with 8 connectors for the acquisition and data processing system and up to 8 analogical/digital channels (that are activated with the S301-05 optional firmware) for load cells and transducers. Extra slot available to expand the on-board channels to 16 (with S301- 06)

  • Maximum load capacity: 50kN
  • Infinitesimal testing speed: from 0.00001 to 12 mm/min.
  • Minimum vertical clearance: 480 mm (268 mm with ring)
  • Maximum vertical clearance: 1100 mm (888 mm with ring)
  • Horizontal clearance: 380 mm
  • Platen diameter: 167 mm