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S261 Edomec - Automatic electromechanical oedometer

( Soil )

  • BS 1377:5
  • ASTM D2435
  • ASTM D3877
  • ASTM D4546
  • AASHTO T216
  • NF P94-090-1
  • NF P94-09
  • EN 17892-5
  • STAS 8942-1-89

This automatic consolidation system, ideal for modern and efficient laboratories, has been developed to eliminate or reduce to the absolute minimum any forms of manual intervention, which is the oedometer test.

This machine has innovative technology for controlling the application of loads. A sophisticated PID electromechanical system guarantees the load application system. It can control load very accurately, thanks to the high-frequency control up to 1KHz. This allows high precision at low loads and high speed of load application at high loads.

The test is configured using a special test icon, in which it is possible to set loads and acquisition times; both the loads and the acquisition times are freely configurable. The large display makes it easy to visualize test data and graphs.

Dimensions: 331x377x(h)662 mm
Weight: 50 kg approx.


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Consolidation test

  • ASTM D2435-80
  • ASTM D3877
  • ASTM D4546
  • BS 1377:5
  • AASHTO T216
  • NF P94 090-1
  • P94-091
  • UNE 103-405
  • UNE 103-602
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  • Equipped with 8 channels, suitable for connection of load, displacement, deformation, LVDT, temperature (PT100, PT1000, NTC) and strain gauge (by using an external adapters) transduc-
  • Semi-automatic configuration and calibration of all transducers connected.
  • Automatic calculations and real time display of graphs and results according to the Standard.
  • The digital controller (PC) works on Windows CE based system and can be easily updated through the USB with no need to uninstall or move the controller.
  • Sampling frequency of 2 kHz with a selectable sampling rate between 1 Hz and 20 Hz (5 levels).
  • Unlimited memory storage with: 2 USB ports, 1 SD card. Ethernet port for remote control through PC.
  • Standard load cell: 10kN (up to 25 kN on request)
  • Precision: 0.15 % at full range
  • Ram travel: up to 25 mm
  • Minimum speed: 0.00001 mm/min
  • Maximum speed: 99.99999 mm/min
  • Control frequency: up to 1 kHz
  • Horizontal clearance: 175 mm
  • Vertical clearance: 185 mm (without extension columns) and 265 mm (with extension columns)
  • Maximum cell size dia: 112.8 mm
  • Safety function for the automatic machine stops when maximum load or maximum strain/deformation is reached
  • Automatic calculations and real-time display of graphs and results according to the standard.
  • Maximum vertical force: up to 25 kN
  • Minimum speed: 0.00001 mm/min
  • Maximum speed: 99.99999 mm/min
  • 8 channels for acquisition and data processing system.
  • Sampling frequency of 2 kHz with a selectable sampling rate between 1 Hz and 20 Hz