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SSW-LINK Firmware Upgrade for SmartLab Software

( Soil Cement-Mortar Concrete )

One software for multiple tests SmartLab has been developed with a modular and flexible approach to allow each laboratory to configure the software to its specific needs.
By using a Matest digital controller and a suitable firmware upgrade (SSW-LINK), any testing machines – including those from other brands – can be connected to the SmartLab platform and begin running a test. To use the SmartLab software, it is necessary to purchase the firmware license which unlocks up to 3 machines.

SmartLab can execute the following tests:

  • Automatic and Manual Oedometric test;
  • Automatic and Manual Shear test;
  • Triaxial test;
  • Compression test on concrete;
  • Flexural test on concrete;
  • Indirect tensile on concrete;
  • Compression test on cement and mortar;
  • Flexural test on cement and mortar.

SmartLab is installed on a local laboratory PC that acts as a server and, via the internet, can be easily and fully utilised remotely from an unlimited number of devices, including tablets and smartphones. The lab technician can monitor the progress of the tests, start or stop the machines, share data, start processing, etc. The remote connection also allows them to share selected test information with their customers, e.g. load vs. time diagrams, start/stop times, etc., even while the test is running, making it extremely easy to track results.

SmartLab can simultaneously connect and efficiently control dozens of machines, independent of each other, becoming the central processing unit for the entire laboratory.

SmartLab offers excellent reporting functions, including customisable test reports, which are essential for a civil engineering laboratory.

Please note that machines equipped with SmartLab software will be delivered with the software disabled. To activate SmartLab on these machines, kindly email us at at least 1 week before your intended machine enabling date.

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