Essai Norme Catégorie

A075N Los Angeles Machine

( Asphalt Aggregates-Rocks )

  • ASTM C131
  • EN 12697-17
  • EN 12697-43
  • NF P18-573
  • AASHTO T96
  • CNR N. 34

Used to determine the resistance of aggregates to abrasion. It comprises a heavy steel cylinder of 711 mm inside diameter x 508 mm inside length, mounted on a base frame. The cylinder rotates at a speed of between 31 and 33 rpm.
The machine is fitted with an automatic digital counter which can be preset to the required number of revolutions of the drum.

The cylinder is counterbalanced so that the filling opening stays in position without tilting; a push-button allows to position such opening for the loading/unloading operations.

Supplied without abrasive charges to be ordered separately according to the requested Standards. It cannot be sold in the CE markets without protection (see accessories).

Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz 1ph 750W
Dimensions: 1000x800x1000 mm
Weight: 370 Kg approx.

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