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A078 Micro-Deval Apparatus ASTM

( Aggregates-Rocks )

  • ASTM D6928
  • ASTM D7428
  • AASHTO T237
  • TEXAS 845-49-40
  • ONTARIO LS-618

Used to determine the abrasion resistance and durability of mineral aggregates.
The machine has a sophisticated electronic controller with dedicated sensors to precisely track test time, total revolutions and rpm of jars; total revolutions are used to control test duration and jars stop within a fraction of one revolution at test termination.

The Micro-Deval is constituted of a sturdy steel frame which can receive 2 stainless jars together. The jars are made of stainless steel with diameter and height according to standards (diameter within 194 and 202 mm and height within 170 and 177 mm) and are complete with cover and locking device.

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50Hz 750W (Available in 110V 60Hz with reference code: A078Y)
Dimensions: 570x340x1000 mm
Weight: 110 kg approx.

Richiedi informazioni

Proprietà meccaniche

  • UNI EN 1097-2
  • EN 1097-1
  • EN 12697-17
  • EN 12697-43
  • EN 13450
  • ASTM C131
  • ASTM D2-33
  • ASTM D6928
  • ASTM D7428
  • NF P18-573
  • NF P18-577
  • NF P18-572
  • NF P18-576
  • CNR N. 34
  • CNR N. 109
  • UNE 83115
  • AASHTO T237
  • TEXAS 845-49-40
  • ONTARIO LS-618
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