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B045-01 GyroResearch

( Asphalt )

  • EN 12697-10
  • EN 12697-31
  • ASTM D6925
  • AASHTO T312
  • SHRP M-002


Used for research purposes, this electromechanical compactor allows for the adjustment of the gyratory angle, selectable in a range between 0° and 3°, during compaction, real time direct shear and torque measurement.


  • Rigid steel frame ensuring excellent angle control.
  • Full color 7” touch screen control unit, running like a standard PC.
  • Software for PC control acquisition and data processing.
  • Integrated shear stress measurement.
  • Optional integrated electromechanical extruder.
  • Gyration rate from 3 to 65 (other speeds available on request).
  • Max consolidation pressure according to the specimen size:
    Ø 150 mm 1100 kPa
    Ø 100 mm 2300 kPa

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