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A024N Ceramic furnace 1200°C

( Aggregates-Rocks )

  • EN 196-2
  • EN 196-21
  • EN 459-2

Used to determine the loss on ignition of cement and lime; chloride, carbon dioxide, alkali content of cement.
Max. temperature: 1200 °C
Chamber stability: ± 1 °C
Chamber uniformity: ± 10 °C
The chamber, ceramic made, is resistant to aggressive chemical material samples.
Inside dimensions: 120x295x100 mm
Useful volume: 4 litres*
Outside dimensions: 440x560x500 mm
Power supply: 230V 1ph 50-60Hz 3.7kW
Weight: 60 kg approx.

Note: * the Muffle Furnace 1200 °C model is available on request
also with volume capacity of: 7.2, 12 or 15 litres.

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Carbon dioxide content, loss of ignition and chloride content

  • EN 196-1
  • EN 196-2
  • EN 459-2
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