Test Standard Category

High Temperature Ovens


This range of laboratory ovens is designed to perform demanding thermal treatment in compliance with Standards. They are especially suitable when high temperature uniformity and precision inside the chamber are required. A temperature accuracy of ± 0.3% and a uniformity of ± 2% make this ovens the best on the market.

  • Forced ventilation airflow.
  • 300 °C maximum temperature.
  • High temperature (uniformity ± 2% and precision ± 0.3 °C ) fully compliant with Standards.
  • Air outlet control by valves manually operated.
  • Regulation of fan speed (0-100%).
  • High quality thermoinsulation material
  • Double over heat protection system
  • Low power consumption.
  • Stainless steel chamber and trays with silicone gasket.
  • PID electronic regulator, double digital display

High-precision digital microprocessor temperature controllers fitted with self-tuning and manual PID setting allow a high temperature uniformity and accuracy reducing the energy consumption.
The ovens are supplied complete with two grid shelves easily removable and positionable at various heights, with a pilot light and exhaust holes for fast cooling.