Test Standard Category

B250 KIT Indirect Tensile Modulus (IDTM)

( Asphalt )

One of the original stiffness/modulus measurement tests, where the load is applied in the vertical plane while the strain/deformation is measured in the horizontal plane. When applying the load in the vertical plane, the horizontal plane experiences extension (indirectly, tension); where this test gets its name from.


AASHTO TP31-1996 Standard test method for determining the resilient modulus of bituminous mixtures by indirect tension
ASTM D4123-82 (1995) Standard Test Method for Indirect Tension Test for Resilient Modulus of Bituminous Mixtures (Withdrawn 2003)
AS/NZS 2891.13.1:2013 Determination of the resilient modulus of asphalt - Indirect tensile method
EN 12697-26:2004 (E) Test methods for hot mix asphalt – Part 26: Stiffness, Annex C – Test applying Indirect tension to cylindrical specimens (IT-CY)

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