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B220-01 KIT Servo-pneumatic Dynamic Testing System (DTS-16) Manual

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The DTS-16 Dynamic Testing System is a servo-pneumatically controlled testing machine utilizing digital control of a pneumatic servo valve to provide accurate loading wave shapes up to 70 Hz.

The machine includes:

  • B220-11: 20 kN Load frame with manual crosshead, 16 kN Servo-pneumatic actuator with its LVDT (30 mm stroke), +/- 20 kN load cell; OR
  • B220-12: 20 kN Load frame with motorized crosshead, 16 kN Servo-pneumatic actuator with its LVDT (30 mm stroke), ± 20 kN load cell
  • B209-16: 16 Channel Control and Data Acquisition  System (CDAS 2) & TestLab software
  • B270-12: Air reservoir assembly with membrane dryer.

It requires pressurized air, minimum 7 bar (not included).

Main features

Latest technology: the DTS-16 advantage revolves around the Control Data Acquisition System (CDAS 2) and TestLab Software.

Durable powder coated aluminium base plate with stainless steel work platen.

Air reservoir assembly with membrane dryer, allowing a great insurance against damages to the servo-valve in case of moisture in the compressed air.

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Load frame
Between Columns 345 mm
Vertical Space 650 mm
Servo actuator
Capacity ± 16 kN
Frequency up to 70 Hz
Stroke 30 mm
Air supply clean dry air
Pressure 800-900 kPa
Minimum rate up to 5 litres/sec
Power Supply: 90-264V 50-60Hz 1ph 240W (B220-11)
                                   230V 50Hz 1ph 100W (B220-12)
                                   230V 50Hz 1ph 1450W (B221)
Dimensions: 1262(h) x 400(d) x 470(w) mm B220-11 load frame
                              1262(h) x 400(d) x 510(w) mm B220-12 load frame
                              2170(h) x 840(d) x 760(w) mm load frame with temperature controlled cabinet
Weight:  80 kg load frame B220-11 load frame
                    125 kg load frame B220-12 load frame
                    160 kg temperature controlled cabinet