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S301-01N TRIAXLAB - Automatic triaxial system

( Soil )

  • BS1377:8
  • ASTM D2850
  • BS 1377:7

Matest TRIAXLAB is an outstanding system specifically designed for advanced soil testing. This system can be used from educational to construction engineering laboratories to reduce to the absolute minimum any form of manual intervention.

Main features: 

  • Automatic execution of 6 independent triaxial tests from start to finish
  • Total and effective stress are provided with the system. Stress path, K0 and permeability are available on request.
  • Servo feedback controlled precision pressure (pressurematic) generation system
  • Real time graphing and configurable real time transducers
  • Pre-programmed user-friendly “Method files” through the TestLab Software
  • Compact and versatile for improving productivity and cost effectiveness
  • No need of air source

To suit the specific customer’s requirements the MATEST TriaxLab Automated System basic configuration can be modified by adding or removing the hardware elements which are controlled and monitored under a closed-loop integrated system with the CDAS and TestLab Software.
Pre-programmed “Method files” offer the operator the unique opportunity to run a range of tests without the need for specific computer programming. The possibility to customize the Method files is also given to the operator granting ultimate flexibility and versatility.

The TRIAXLAB automated system basically consists of 3 major groups:

  • Load frame and triaxial cell with accessories;
  • Control system based on the CDAS Control and Data Acquisition System and Testlab Software controlled by PC;
  • Data Acquisition System comprising:
         1 load cell for axial force
         1 displacement transducer for axial displacement
         2 pressure transducers for cell pressure and back pressure
         1 pressure transducer for pore pressure
         2 pressurematic for pressure / volume change

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