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B220-01 KIT Servo-pneumatic Dynamic Testing System (DTS-16) Manual

( Asphalt )

The DTS-16 Dynamic Testing System is a servo-pneumatically controlled testing machine utilizing digital control of a pneumatic servo valve to provide accurate loading wave shapes up to 70 Hz.

The machine includes:

  • B220-11: 20 kN Load frame with manual crosshead, 16 kN Servo-pneumatic actuator with its LVDT (30 mm stroke), +/- 20 kN load cell; OR
  • B220-12: 20 kN Load frame with motorized crosshead, 16 kN Servo-pneumatic actuator with its LVDT (30 mm stroke), ± 20 kN load cell
  • B206: 16 Channel Control and Data Acquisition  System (CDAS) & TestLab software
  • B270-12: Air reservoir assembly with membrane dryer.

It requires pressurized air, minimum 7 bar (not included).

Main features

Latest technology: the DTS-16 advantage revolves around the Control Data Acquisition System (CDAS) and TestLab Software.

Durable powder coated aluminium base plate with stainless steel work platen.

Air reservoir assembly with membrane dryer, allowing a great insurance against damages to the servo-valve in case of moisture in the compressed air.

Request information

Load frame
Between Columns 345 mm
Vertical Space 650 mm
Servo actuator
Capacity ± 16 kN
Frequency up to 70 Hz
Stroke 30 mm
Air supply clean dry air
Pressure 800-900 kPa
Minimum rate up to 5 litres/sec
Power Supply: 90-264V 50-60Hz 1ph 240W (B220-11)
                                   230V 50Hz 1ph 100W (B220-12)
                                   230V 50Hz 1ph 1450W (B221)
Dimensions: 1262(h) x 400(d) x 470(w) mm B220-11 load frame
                              1262(h) x 400(d) x 510(w) mm B220-12 load frame
                              2170(h) x 840(d) x 760(w) mm load frame with temperature controlled cabinet
Weight:  80 kg load frame B220-11 load frame
                    125 kg load frame B220-12 load frame
                    160 kg temperature controlled cabinet