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S337-02 Submersible load cells

( Soil )

The submersible load cells have been designed to be placed inside the cell and connected to the automatic data acquisition system mod. S334. It is an electrical equipment for automatic reading and no ram friction effect on measurement. A sealed waterproof device made of high quality material, with an excellent resistance to lateral forces.
It is strongly recommended when high accuracy in testing is required.
It must be equipped with the loading ram mod. S337-21.

Rated output: 2 mV/V nominal
Accuracy: 0.1%
Non-linearity: 0.05%

Available models

  • S337-02: 3 kN
  • S337-03: 5 kN
  • S337-04: 10 kN
  • S337-05: 25 kN

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