Test Standard Category

S205M Unitronic 50 kN

( Asphalt Asphalt Cement-Mortar Soil )

  • ASTM D8044
  • AASHTO TP124
  • EN 12697-44
  • EN 12004-2
  • ASTM D3967


  • Compression / Flexural tests, 50 kN max. capacity load
  • Tensile tests, 25 kN max. capacity load (option mod. S205-05M)

With automatic load or displacement/deformation control, for testing:

  • Soil: CBR (California Bearing Ratio), Unconfined compression, quick triaxial
  • Asphalt: Marshall, splitting tensile, direct shear (Leutner), Auto SCB
  • Concrete: Flexure on beams and tiles
  • Cement: Flexure on 40x40x160 mm specimens, compression on 40/50/70 mm cubes, tensile on mortar briquettes (option mod. S205-05M)
  • Metal, plastic, wires, ropes, textiles, papers etc.: tensile tests, 25 kN max capacity load
  • Clay blocks: punching
  • Rock and stones: Uniaxial splitting tensile
By using suitable devices, Unitronic tester, within the limits of its max. 50 kN capacity for compression/flexural and 25 kN for tensile (see model S205-05M), performs compression, flexural, splitting tensile and direct tensile tests, with automatic load or displacement/deformation control.
The load is applied by a mechanical jack that is driven by a motor brushless with closed loop through optic encoder and controlled by a microprocessor. Stroke electric end switches are applied to the load piston to save the machine from accidental handlings.
The two crossheads foresee couplings to fix the different test devices (see accessories). The stress is measured by an electric load cell; the measurement and the displacement control of the crosshead is achieved by the electronic device incorporated into the machine.

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Fracture Characteristics of Asphalt Mixtures

Auto SCB semi-circular bend

  • EN 12697-44
  • AASHTO TP124
  • ASTM D8044

Marshall stability

  • EN 12697-34
  • ASTM D1559
  • ASTM D5581
  • ASTM D6927
  • AASHTO T245
  • BS 598:107
  • NF P98-251-1

Direct Shear

Direct shear - leutner - between bituminous strata

  • ALP A StB T4

Splitting Tensile

CBR test

California Bearing Ratio Test

  • EN 13286-47
  • ASTM D1883
  • BS 1377:4
  • AASHTO T193
  • NF P94-078
  • CNR UNI 10009

Unconfined test

Unconfined compression test

  • ASTM D2166
  • BS 1377:7
  • AASHTO T208

Quick triaxial test

  • ASTM D2850
  • BS 1377

Compression and flexural strength

Compression and flexural test on mortar prism (40x40x160 mm) and specimens (50kN max. load)

  • ASTM C109
  • ASTM C348
  • ASTM C349
  • BS 3892
  • DIN 1164
  • EN 196-1
  • EN ISO 679
  • NF P15-451

Transverse/Deformation test

Transverse deformation test on adhesives for tiles

  • EN 12004-2

Two point flexural and transverse test

Two point flexural and transverse tests on concrete beams and bending test method on glass-fibre reinforced concrete

  • EN 12390-5
  • ASTM C78
  • ASTM C293
  • EN 1170-4

Punching test

Punching test on clay blocks

  • UNI 9730-3
  • EN 15037-2
  • EN 15037-3
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  • Maximum Sample Diameter: 150 mm
  • Minimum testing speed: 0.00001 mm/min
  • Maximum testing speed: 51 mm/min
  • Maximum compression force: 50 kN
  • Minimum vertical clearance: 314.5 mm
  • Maximum vertical clearance: 842 mm
  • Horizontal clearance: 380 mm
  • Platen diameter: 177 mm
  • Platen travel: 100 mm
  • Unitronic 50 kN is supplied without accessories and software to perform specific tests that must be ordered separately