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S205-05M Unitronic Compression 50kN / tensile 25KN

( Cement-Mortar Steel )

The Unitronic frame S205M is modified and improved to perform also tensile tests with max. capacity of 25 kN.

Universal multipurpose touch-screen frame for:

  • Tensile tests, 25 kN max. capacity load
  • Compression / flexural tests, 50 kN max. capacity load


The load is applied by a mechanical jack that is driven by a motor brushless with closed loop through optic encoder  and controlled by a microprocessor. Stroke electric end switches are applied to the load piston to save the machine from accidental handlings. 

The control panel is placed frontally and it is provided with a membrane having 6 multifunctional interactive pushbuttons driven by menu, a large graphic display and RS232 port for connection to PC.

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  • H014-06 - H014-10: EXTENSOMETER, electronic, for tensile deformation strength tests.
  • H009N: SOFTWARE for visualisation in real time of load / deformation, graphic, test certificate etc.