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S059 Non nuclear gauge

( Soil )

  • ASTM D6758

This is the only hand-portable gauge available to provide the required simplicity, quickness and precision to directly measure and monitor the in-place engineering properties and do so at construction speed.

This device applies a constant load vibrating force to the soil’s surface and measures the resulting displacement. This dynamic technology simulates actual in-use conditions. One instrument to link design specifications with compaction in 75 seconds for enhanced QC/QA.

Applications include subgrade, subbase, base monitoring the strength gain of lime, cement, fly-ash and polymer stabilised materials, monitoring the re-compacting of asphalt and cold in-place recycling to peak properties to prevent wasted effort and damaging over-compaction.
The GeoGauge compliments and provides an alternative to resilient modulus, Falling Weight Deflectometer, field California Bearing Ratio, plate load test, dynamic cone penetrometer and other measures of strength, stiffness, modulus and deflection.

Dimensions with case 470x420x330 mm
Weight 15 kg

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Advanced compaction and density

  • ASTM D6758
  • S059-01
    Interface and serial port
  • S059-02
    Calibration anvil
  • Stiffness 3 to 70 MN/m
  • Young’s Modulus 26 to 610 Mpa
  • Measure Depth from 230 to 310 mm
  • Measure Duration 75 seconds
  • Power Six D-Cell
  • Batteries (500 to 1500 measurements)